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SERINA BAY Transaction Data

Property Group

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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Commercial - Lock-Up Shop,Shop Lot36
Residential - Condominium/Apartment,Flat394

Timur Laut, Pulau Pinang

25th (RM)

(457 / Sqft)

Median Price (RM)

(510 / Sqft)

75th (RM)

(522 / Sqft)

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Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

52 Transaction(s) from 21 MAR 2016 to 02 APR 2021

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
02-APR-2021XXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold230699.660.00428.78300,000.00
25-SEP-2020XXXXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold230699.660.00443.07310,000.00
03-JUN-2020XXXXXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatFreehold233699.66699.66500.24350,000.00
27-MAY-2020XXXXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold233699.66699.66431.64302,000.00
15-MAY-2020XXXXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold233699.66699.66514.54360,000.00
20-JAN-2020XXXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold230699.660.00524.54367,000.00
08-JAN-2020XXXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold233699.66699.66510.25357,000.00
04-NOV-2019XXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold233699.66699.66543.12380,000.00
03-OCT-2019XXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold233699.66699.66500.24350,000.00
01-OCT-2019XXXXXX, HILIR SUNGAI PINANG, SERINA BAYFlatLeasehold233699.66699.66543.12380,000.00

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