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W.P. Kuala Lumpur, W.P. Kuala Lumpur

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161 Transaction(s) from 04 FEB 2008 to 08 MAY 2020

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
08-MAY-2020XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold1621,001.051,001.05429.55430,000.00
01-MAR-2020XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold1931,194.801,194.80343.15410,000.00
27-DEC-2019XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold1931,334.741,334.74337.15450,000.00
23-DEC-2019XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold193999.981,001.05399.58400,000.00
16-DEC-2019XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold1631,184.041,184.04329.38390,000.00
02-DEC-2019XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold1741,334.741,334.74365.62488,000.00
05-AUG-2019XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold163968.76968.76423.22410,000.00
25-JUN-2019XXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold1621,001.051,001.05417.56418,000.00
05-SEP-2018XXXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold194968.76968.76402.58390,000.00
21-AUG-2018XXXXXXX, JALAN AWAN DANDAN, UNION HEIGHTS(STRATA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold1631,001.051,001.05279.71280,000.00

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