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Petaling, Selangor

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70 Transaction(s) from 28 MAY 2008 to 12 DEC 2018

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
12-DEC-2018XXXXXXX, JALAN PJS 2D/1, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold203656.60304.60200,000.00
12-OCT-2018XXXXXX, JALAN MEDAN 32, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold52624.31160.18100,000.00
23-AUG-2018XXXXX, JALAN MEDAN 22, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold52624.31128.1480,000.00
16-AUG-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN PJS 2D/1, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold103656.60255.86168,000.00
25-JUN-2018XXXXXXX, JALAN PJS 2D/1, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold203656.60236.06155,000.00
22-JUN-2018XXXXXX, JALAN PJS 2D/1, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold203656.60182.76120,000.00
13-JUN-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN PJS 2D/1, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold103656.60266.52175,000.00
24-MAY-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN PJS 2D/1, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold203656.60213.22140,000.00
05-APR-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN PJS 2D/1, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold203656.60167.53110,000.00
30-JAN-2018XXXXXX, JALAN MEDAN 32, TAMAN MEDANFlatLeasehold52630.02157.46100,000.00

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