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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Commercial - Terraced Shop1
Residential - Bungalow,Cluster House,Semi Detached,Terraced House94
Development Land - Detached House Plot18
Development Land - Converted Residential Development land1
Development Land - Potential Residential Development land1

Hulu Selangor, Selangor

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Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

55 Transaction(s) from 09 OCT 2008 to 28 MAR 2018

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
28-MAR-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN BAYU INDAH, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseFreehold241,431.612,050.00155.51318,800.00
22-NOV-2017XX,JALAN KEMUDI 2F/2, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold131,399.32702.67199.24140,000.00
05-SEP-2017XX, JALAN KEMUDI 2J, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold131,302.44677.06236.32160,000.00
28-JUL-2017XX,JALAN KEMUDI 4/1, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseFreehold232,314.260.00197.79457,735.00
13-JUN-2017XX,JALAN KEMUDI 4/1B, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseFreehold233,035.450.00153.89467,111.00
31-MAY-2017XXXXXXXX,JALAN ULU BERNAM, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseFreehold241,431.610.00222.69318,800.00
16-MAR-2017XX,JALAN KEMUDI 2D/3, TAMAN BERNAM JAYA, 35900Terraced HouseLeasehold131,076.40705.04117.7283,000.00
15-MAR-2017XXXXX,JALAN KEMUDI 2D/7, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold131,399.32767.47201.96155,000.00
22-DEC-2016XX,JALAN KEMUDI 4/3D, TAMAN BERNAM JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold231,689.950.00195.69330,700.00
19-SEP-2016XXX,JALAN KEMUDI 4/2C, TAMAN BERNAM JAYA, 44100Terraced HouseLeasehold232,271.200.00200.89456,256.00

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