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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Commercial - Terraced Shop1
Residential - Semi Detached,Terraced House329
Residential - Flat2

Sarawak, Sarawak

25th (RM)

(92 / Sqft)

Median Price (RM)

(116 / Sqft)

75th (RM)

(153 / Sqft)

Data reference : 01/10/2018 - 30/09/2019

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Data reference : Last 5 Years

Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

327 Transaction(s) from 21 JAN 2008 to 24 JUN 2020

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
24-JUN-2020XXXXXXXX, DURIN LINK ROAD, SIBU, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold132,551.07570.81385.41220,000.00
04-MAR-2020XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, BANDAR SIBU JAYA, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold132,777.11570.81350.38200,000.00
13-FEB-2020XXXXXXXX, BLOK 1, LORONG SIBUJAYA 5C, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold132,551.07570.81122.6370,000.00
23-DEC-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, LORONG SIBUJAYA 2B, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold131,467.13570.81297.82170,000.00
08-OCT-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, JALAN SIBU JAYA, SIBU, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold131,468.21570.81262.78150,000.00
13-SEP-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, DURIN LINK ROAD, SIBU, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold131,463.90570.81341.62195,000.00
18-JUL-2019XXXXX, LORONG SBJY 5, DURIN LINK ROAD, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold131,467.13570.81236.50135,000.00
01-JUL-2019XXXX, SIBUJAYA, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseFreehold231,795.441,146.58130.82150,000.00
20-JUN-2019XXXXXXXX, BLOK 1, JALAN DURIN, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseFreehold244,165.671,614.60117.06189,000.00
22-APR-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, JALAN SIBUJAYA, BANDAR SIBU JAYATerraced HouseLeasehold251,307.831,162.51116.13135,000.00

Data reference : Last 10 Years

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