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Sarawak, Sarawak

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16 Transaction(s) from 09 MAY 2015 to 31 DEC 2020

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
31-DEC-2020XXXXXXX, LANE 27A ULU OYA ROAD, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold203,357.290.00104.25350,000.00
30-NOV-2020XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, LORONG 2, JALAN TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold204,100.010.00146.34600,000.00
02-NOV-2020XXXXXXXX, LORONG OYA 18, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold203,232.430.0041.76135,000.00
30-OCT-2020XXXXXXXX, LORONG OYA 10, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold204,229.180.00109.95465,000.00
08-MAY-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, LORONG OYA 17, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold243,645.771,535.92162.77250,000.00
07-MAY-2018XXXXXXXX, LORONG OYA 10, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold244,229.181,751.95279.69490,000.00
20-JUN-2017XXXXXXXX,JALAN OYA, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold244,443.381,439.79451.45650,000.00
17-APR-2017XXXXXX,JALAN SIBU ULU OYA,SIBU, JALAN OYA, 96000Semi DetachedLeasehold245,924.512,543.9684.51215,000.00
09-MAR-2017XXXXXXXX,LORONG OYA 10, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold244,229.181,751.95171.24300,000.00
01-MAR-2017XXXXXXXX,JALAN ULU OYA, JALAN OYASemi DetachedLeasehold244,256.091,613.52247.90400,000.00

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