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Sarawak, Sarawak

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(118 / Sqft)

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(166 / Sqft)

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(218 / Sqft)

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Transaction Data

20 Transaction(s) from 28 JAN 2008 to 15 JUN 2015

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
15-JUN-2015XXXXXXXX,JALAN PENDING, PENDING HEIGHT'SFlatLeasehold42503.76218.36110,000.00
11-OCT-2014XXXX,JALAN PENDING, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93450FlatLeasehold42506.98118.3560,000.00
11-AUG-2014XXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN PENDING, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93400FlatLeasehold42511.2968.4535,000.00
23-JAN-2014XXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN PENDING, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93400FlatLeasehold42511.2997.7950,000.00
06-NOV-2013XXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN PENDING, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93450FlatLeasehold43513.44155.8180,000.00
03-AUG-2012XXXXXXXXXXXXX,, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93450FlatLeasehold42513.44128.2165,000.00
24-JUL-2012XXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN PENDING, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93450FlatLeasehold43504.83105.9553,600.00
30-DEC-2011XXXXXXXXXXXXX,, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93450FlatLeasehold42506.98171.6087,000.00
15-NOV-2011XXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN PENDING, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93450FlatLeasehold42506.9859.1730,000.00
21-JAN-2011XXXXXXXXXXXXX,, PENDING HEIGHT'S, 93450FlatLeasehold43505.91164.0683,000.00

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