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Sarawak, Sarawak

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10 Transaction(s) from 24 FEB 2009 to 05 JAN 2018

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
05-JAN-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN PROMIN JAYA, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI)BungalowLeasehold139,418.501,254.01279.11350,000.00
08-MAY-2017XXXX,JALAN PROMIN JAYA 1, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold137,258.171,162.51258.06300,000.00
23-JUL-2015XXXXXXXX,JALAN MAIGOLD, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold134,486.44910.20494.39450,000.00
31-DEC-2013XXXXXXXX,LORONG D.SENADIN 3A/1, JALAN MAIGOLD, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold136,081.661,162.51141.93165,000.00
08-MAY-2013XXXXXXXX,JALAN MAIGOLD, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold149,418.501,748.93314.48550,000.00
10-JUL-2012XXXX,JALAN PROMIN JAYA 1B, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold137,862.031,181.89328.29388,000.00
28-DEC-2009XXXXXXXX,JALAN MAIGOLD, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold139,418.501,775.8488.22156,666.00
23-DEC-2009XXXXXXXX,JALAN MAIGOLD, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold257,715.641,822.88123.43225,000.00
09-SEP-2009XXXXXXXX,JALAN MAIGOLD, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold139,417.421,222.47204.50250,000.00
24-FEB-2009XXXXXXXX,JALAN MAIGOLD, GOLDEN VILLA (MIRI), 98000BungalowLeasehold149,418.501,222.58310.82380,000.00

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