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Residential - Semi Detached9

Timur Laut, Pulau Pinang

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Transaction Data

9 Transaction(s) from 29 JUL 2008 to 26 DEC 2018

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
26-DEC-2018XX, JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSASemi DetachedFreehold132,703.921,128.931,151.531,300,000.00
23-JUL-2018XX, JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSASemi DetachedFreehold132,638.901,130.00840.70950,000.00
10-NOV-2017X, JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSASemi DetachedFreehold132,643.961,130.00853.98965,000.00
28-JUL-2015XX,JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSA, 11200Semi DetachedFreehold133,142.981,240.551,047.921,300,000.00
04-NOV-2014XX,JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSA, 11200Semi DetachedFreehold133,145.031,120.211,401.521,570,000.00
19-JUN-2013XX,JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSA, 11200Semi DetachedFreehold132,670.981,170.051,093.971,280,000.00
26-AUG-2010XX,JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSA, 11200Semi DetachedFreehold132,670.981,170.05722.19845,000.00
27-JUN-2009XX,JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSA, 11200Semi DetachedFreehold132,698.971,350.24562.86760,000.00
29-JUL-2008X,JALAN SENTOSA, JALAN SENTOSA, 11200Semi DetachedFreehold132,623.941,144.97537.13615,000.00

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