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Timur Laut, Pulau Pinang

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133 Transaction(s) from 06 FEB 2008 to 03 OCT 2019

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
03-OCT-2019XXXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold323699.98171.51120,000.00
23-AUG-2019XXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold323699.66385.90270,000.00
04-APR-2019XXXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold313699.66468.80328,000.00
29-MAR-2019XXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold323699.98421.63295,000.00
27-DEC-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold323699.66428.78300,000.00
07-DEC-2018XXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold323699.66535.97375,000.00
05-NOV-2018XXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold3230.00407.15285,000.00
14-SEP-2018XXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold323699.66421.63295,000.00
13-SEP-2018XXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold313699.66433.07303,000.00
07-SEP-2018XXXXXXXX, JALAN BATU UBAN, N-PARK (TAMAN UTARA)Condominium/ApartmentFreehold323699.66557.41390,000.00

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