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Property TypeTotal Transaction
Residential - Bungalow,Semi Detached11

Timur Laut, Pulau Pinang

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Transaction Data

10 Transaction(s) from 12 NOV 2009 to 21 OCT 2015

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
21-OCT-2015XXXXXX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSEBungalowFreehold355,940.114,251.781,102.794,688,800.00
13-DEC-2013XX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold1415,243.652,463.022,639.046,500,000.00
07-FEB-2013XX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold147,254.941,665.942,040.883,400,000.00
21-SEP-2012XX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold1415,684.653,268.92940.683,075,000.00
27-AUG-2012XXXX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold247,577.863,165.481,484.774,700,000.00
08-JUN-2012XXXX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold247,577.863,165.481,484.774,700,000.00
29-MAR-2012XX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold256,652.152,835.021,181.653,350,000.00
24-AUG-2010XXXX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold247,577.863,165.48852.952,700,000.00
17-MAY-2010XXXX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold2410,462.613,055.90975.162,980,000.00
12-NOV-2009XXXX,LEBUHRAYA ROSE, LEBUHRAYA ROSE, 10350BungalowFreehold1410,225.802,177.991,147.852,500,000.00

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