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TAMAN PONDOK UPEH Transaction Data

Property Group

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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Commercial - Terraced Shop1
Residential - Terraced House56

Barat Daya, Pulau Pinang

25th (RM)

(250 / Sqft)

Median Price (RM)

(258 / Sqft)

75th (RM)

(271 / Sqft)

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Square Foot (sqft) RangePrice (RM) / sqft

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Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

17 Transaction(s) from 07 SEP 2016 to 19 FEB 2021

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
19-FEB-2021XX, LORONG SERI GENTING 13, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold10936.470.00202.89190,000.00
14-DEC-2020XXXXXXXXX, JALAN PONDOK UPEH, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold101,302.440.00284.08370,000.00
09-OCT-2020XX, LNG SERI GENTING 10, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold101,200.190.00258.29310,000.00
28-AUG-2020XX, LORONG SERI GENTING 9, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold101,200.190.00241.63290,000.00
13-AUG-2019XXX, LORONG SERI GENTING 12, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold131,205.57724.74531.22385,000.00
18-JUL-2019X, LORONG SERI GENTING 6, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold131,302.44724.74551.92400,000.00
04-JUN-2019X, LORONG SERI GENTING 10, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold131,194.80724.74469.13340,000.00
24-APR-2019XXXX, LORONG SERI GENTING 11, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold13939.70594.60336.36200,000.00
25-SEP-2018XX, LORONG SERI GENTING 10, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold131,097.93724.74441.54320,000.00
25-JAN-2018XXX, LORONG SERI GENTING 10, TAMAN PONDOK UPEHTerraced HouseFreehold131,194.80724.74510.53370,000.00

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