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Property TypeTotal Transaction
Commercial - Terraced Shop2
Residential - Semi Detached,Terraced House40

Larut Matang, Perak

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Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

7 Transaction(s) from 04 FEB 2016 to 14 APR 2021

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
14-APR-2021XXXXX, LORONG 1, TAMAN SENINGTerraced HouseLeasehold101,540.330.00129.84200,000.00
11-JUN-2019XXX, JALAN DATO SRI KAMARUDDIN, TAMAN SENINGTerraced HouseLeasehold131,540.331,078.23187.34202,000.00
04-APR-2019XXX, LORONG 4, TAMAN SENINGTerraced HouseLeasehold131,540.331,078.23185.49200,000.00
10-JAN-2018XX,LORONG 2., TAMAN SENING, 34000Terraced HouseLeasehold131,540.331,078.23123.35133,000.00
27-APR-2016XXX,JALAN CHUAH TEIK SENG, TAMAN SENING, 34000Terraced HouseLeasehold131,571.541,078.23176.21190,000.00
25-APR-2016XXX,JALAN CHUAH TEIK SENG, TAMAN SENING, 34000Terraced HouseLeasehold131,540.331,078.23111.29120,000.00
04-FEB-2016XX,LORONG 2, TAMAN SENING, 34000Terraced HouseLeasehold131,540.011,078.23143.75155,000.00

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