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Residential - Terraced House31

Jerantut, Pahang

No transaction found within 5 years and/or insufficient corroboration to generate low, median & high price.

Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

31 Transaction(s) from 11 JAN 2008 to 19 NOV 2012

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
19-NOV-2012XXXX,, TAMAN MUTIARA, 27000Terraced HouseFreehold23699.661,009.77110.92112,000.00
21-MAY-2012XXXXXXXXX,TIADA, TAMAN MUTIARATerraced HouseFreehold131,496.20809.78219.81178,000.00
05-MAR-2012XXXX,LORONG TM3, TAMAN MUTIARA, 27000Terraced HouseFreehold23839.591,009.77103.98105,000.00
09-JAN-2012XXXX,, TAMAN MUTIARATerraced HouseFreehold231,194.801,334.09110.94148,000.00
22-AUG-2011XXXX,, TAMAN MUTIARATerraced HouseFreehold03699.660.0056.4639,500.00
01-AUG-2011XXXX,, TAMAN MUTIARATerraced HouseFreehold231,194.801,334.09119.93160,000.00
27-JUN-2011XXXXXXXXXXXXX,, TAMAN MUTIARA, 27000Terraced HouseFreehold23699.661,009.77103.98105,000.00
23-MAR-2011XXXX,LORONG TM 3, TAMAN MUTIARATerraced HouseFreehold23699.661,147.9869.6980,000.00
31-DEC-2010XXXXXXX,, TAMAN MUTIARATerraced HouseFreehold231,200.191,334.0997.44130,000.00
21-DEC-2010XXXX,, TAMAN MUTIARATerraced HouseFreehold23699.661,009.77101.01102,000.00

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