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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Residential - Terraced House11

Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

25th (RM)

(142 / Sqft)

Median Price (RM)

(142 / Sqft)

75th (RM)

(148 / Sqft)

Data reference : 01/10/2018 - 30/09/2019

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Square Foot (sqft) RangePrice (RM) / sqft

Data reference : Last 5 Years

Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

11 Transaction(s) from 26 MAY 2008 to 23 OCT 2019

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
23-OCT-2019XXX, JALAN MEDANG 8, TAMAN MEDANGTerraced HouseFreehold131,076.40873.71175.11153,000.00
12-FEB-2019XX, JALAN MEDANG 4, TAMAN MEDANGTerraced HouseFreehold131,399.32873.71263.24230,000.00
17-JAN-2019XXXXXX, JALAN MEDANG 6, TAMAN MEDANGTerraced HouseFreehold131,194.80873.71192.28168,000.00
07-NOV-2018XXXXXX, JALAN MEDANG, TAMAN MEDANGTerraced HouseFreehold131,194.80873.71226.62198,000.00
29-APR-2015XXX,JALAN MEDANG 7, TAMAN MEDANG, 71700Terraced HouseFreehold131,194.80873.71193.43169,000.00
03-AUG-2009XXXXX,JALAN PINGGIRAN BERINGIN, TAMAN MEDANG, 71700Terraced HouseFreehold132,798.64873.71137.34120,000.00
24-JUN-2009XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN MEDANG 1, TAMAN MEDANG, 71700Terraced HouseFreehold241,399.321,405.9988.91125,000.00
11-JUN-2009XXXXXXXXXXXX,OFF KM 15 JALAN SEREMBAN / MANTIN, TAMAN MEDANG, 71700Terraced HouseFreehold241,399.321,405.9984.99119,500.00
20-JAN-2009XX,JALAN MEDANG 2, TAMAN MEDANG, 71700Terraced HouseFreehold241,754.531,405.99104.47146,888.00
25-SEP-2008XX,JALAN MEDANG 2, TAMAN MEDANG, 71700Terraced HouseFreehold241,399.321,405.9993.80131,888.00

Data reference : Last 10 Years

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