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Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

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17 Transaction(s) from 10 OCT 2008 to 24 OCT 2019

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
24-OCT-2019XXX, JALAN MASJID, PERINGKAT 3, FELDA L.B.JALANBungalowLeasehold1415,564.742,074.9896.39200,000.00
12-OCT-2019XXX, LORONG BUNGA RAYA, FELDA L.B.JALANBungalowLeasehold1412,108.751,194.80209.24250,000.00
21-MAR-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, JALAN PENGAMAN, FELDA L.B.JALANBungalowLeasehold1413,802.681,733.76173.03300,000.00
20-APR-2017XXX,JALAN SAKURA, FELDA L.B.JALAN, 71760BungalowLeasehold1412,378.601,840.00244.57450,000.00
15-MAR-2017XX, PERINGKAT 2,LORONG MELATI, FELDA L.B.JALAN, 71800BungalowLeasehold1312,022.632,399.94104.17250,000.00
07-AUG-2015XXXX,LORONG BUNGA RAYA, FELDA L.B.JALAN, 71900BungalowLeasehold1411,994.761,949.90102.57200,000.00
09-FEB-2015XXXX,PERINGKAT 3, FELDA L.B.JALAN, 71760BungalowLeasehold1212,916.80772.4238.8430,000.00
14-AUG-2014XX,LORONG MELATI, FELDA L.B.JALAN, 71760BungalowLeasehold1412,022.632,248.38155.67350,000.00
19-MAY-2014XXXX,FELDA LBJ, FELDA L.B.JALAN, 71760BungalowLeasehold1411,993.681,350.02240.74325,000.00
08-JAN-2014XXXXXX,JALAN MASJID, FELDA LBJ PKT 3, FELDA L.B.JALAN, 71760BungalowLeasehold1412,001.862,366.0351.56122,000.00

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