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Daerah Pontian, Johor

No transaction found within 5 years and/or insufficient corroboration to generate low, median & high price.

Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

24 Transaction(s) from 14 JUN 2010 to 30 DEC 2013

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsRoomsLand Area (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
30-DEC-2013X,JALAN SEMARAK 1/1, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold134,974.04271.96300,000.00
15-MAR-2013XX,JALAN SEMARAK 5, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold144,158.13248.92258,000.00
17-DEC-2012XX,JALAN SEMARAK 1, TAMAN SEMARAK, 82000BungalowFreehold146,351.84355.05368,000.00
20-JUL-2012XXXXXXXX,TAMAN SEMARAK, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold133,680.21240.23265,000.00
30-MAY-2012X,JALAN SEMARAK 2, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold134,576.85270.15280,000.00
02-MAR-2012X,JALAN SEMARAK 2, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold135,183.94285.59296,000.00
22-FEB-2012XX,JALAN SEMARAK 5, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold144,158.13248.92258,000.00
22-FEB-2012X,JALAN SEMARAK 5, TAMAN SEMARAK, 82000BungalowFreehold134,158.13268.22278,000.00
21-FEB-2012XXXXXXXX,TAMAN SEMARAK, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold133,955.77240.23265,000.00
10-OCT-2011XXXXXXXX,TAMAN SEMARAK, TAMAN SEMARAKBungalowFreehold134,463.83210.32232,000.00

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