BELARA Transaction Data

Property Group

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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Agriculture - Rubber113
Agriculture - Kampung4
Agriculture - Orchard33
Agriculture - Dry Paddy2
Agriculture - Wet Paddy6
Agriculture - Barren Land77
Agriculture - Mix Farming14
Agriculture - Oil Palm Estate8
Residential - Bungalow,Semi Detached,Terraced House194
Residential - Others1
Development Land - Terraced Plot23
Development Land - Semi-Detached Plot11
Development Land - Detached House Plot425
Development Land - Converted Development Land2
Development Land - Potential Development Land2
Development Land - Converted Commercial Development Land291
Development Land - Potential Commercial Development Land79
Development Land - Converted Residential Development land38
Development Land - Potential Residential Development land22

Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

25th (RM)

(7 / Sqft)

Median Price (RM)

(8 / Sqft)

75th (RM)

(30 / Sqft)

Data reference : 01/10/2018 - 30/09/2019

Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

22 Transaction(s) from 28 JAN 2008 to 31 MAY 2020

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsLand Area (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
31-MAY-2020XXXXXXXXXXXX, JALAN KAMPUNG JERAM-BELARA, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold063,679.823.2220,000.00
26-FEB-2020XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, OFF JALAN KUBANG BUJUK/MANIR PL221, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold015,941.486.90110,000.00
04-AUG-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, JALAN KEBOR BESAR (PL:8363), BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold03,056.98248.47300,000.00
01-AUG-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, OFF JALAN BUKIT PETITI-BELARA (PL:9826), BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold039,234.787.65300,000.00
20-MAY-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, OFF JALAN K TELEMONG, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold010,398.027.2175,000.00
15-JAN-2019XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, OFF JALAN KUBANG BUJUK/MANIR PL221, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold015,941.487.53120,000.00
29-NOV-2018XXXXXXXXXXXX, OFF JALAN KUBANG BUJUK/MANIR, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold021,258.908.80187,000.00
25-APR-2018XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, BATU HAMPAR, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold051,441.163.11160,000.00
29-SEP-2011XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,BANGGOL PERADONG, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold027,491.260.7320,000.00
21-AUG-2011XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, BELARAPotential Residential Development landFreehold023,454.762.2740,000.00

Data reference : Last 10 Years

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