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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Commercial - Lock-Up Shop,Shop Lot,Terraced Shop30
Development Land - Converted Commercial Development Land1
Development Land - Converted Industrial Development Land6
Development Land - Potential Commercial Development Land2
Development Land - Converted Residential Development land18

W.P. Kuala Lumpur, W.P. Kuala Lumpur

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Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

25 Transaction(s) from 02 JUN 2008 to 07 NOV 2017

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsLand Area (sqft)Build Up (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
07-NOV-2017XXXXX,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold41,603.846,260.02559.103,500,000.00
14-NOV-2016XXXX,LORONG ARFAH 3, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold22,533.854,434.23405.931,800,000.00
20-JAN-2016XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold31,400.404,059.97467.981,900,000.00
20-MAR-2014XXX,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopLeasehold31,399.324,152.54320.291,330,000.00
13-SEP-2013XXX,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold21,872.942,649.99679.251,800,000.00
23-MAR-2012XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold31,400.404,152.54228.78950,000.00
26-OCT-2010X,2A-2B & 4,4A-B,JALAN SEGAMBUT DALAM, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold22,497.258,898.06337.153,000,000.00
11-JUN-2010XXX,183A,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold21,651.952,600.04349.99910,000.00
07-MAY-2010XXXXXXXXXX,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold21,502.012,146.02386.76830,000.00
03-MAY-2010XXX,JALAN SEGAMBUT, JALAN SEGAMBUT, 51200Terraced ShopFreehold22,117.923,444.48348.381,200,000.00

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