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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Agriculture - Coconut89
Agriculture - Kampung2
Agriculture - Dry Paddy13
Agriculture - Mix Farming40
Agriculture - Oil Palm Estate11

Sabak Bernam, Selangor

No transaction found within 5 years and/or insufficient corroboration to generate low, median & high price.

Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

13 Transaction(s) from 11 MAR 2009 to 08 JUN 2017

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsLand Area (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
08-JUN-2017XXXXXXXX,BNO, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0217,432.800.92200,000.00
22-MAR-2017XXXXXXX,BGN NAKHODA OMAR, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold054,896.402.00110,000.00
27-JUL-2015XXXXXXXX,JALAN SUNGAI AIR TAWAR, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0215,280.000.4230,000.00
12-JAN-2015XXXX,B.N.OMAR, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0205,592.401.13233,000.00
21-AUG-2014XXXXXXXX,SUNGAI AIR TAWAR (JALAN HAJI IDRIS), SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0217,432.800.4625,000.00
21-AUG-2014XXXXXXXX,SUNGAI AIR TAWAR, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0208,821.601.0360,000.00
29-NOV-2012XXXXXXX,SUNGAI AIR TAWAR, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0217,432.801.0340,000.00
29-OCT-2012XXXXXXXX,BNO, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0217,432.800.78170,000.00
16-OCT-2012XXXX,SUNGAI TENGAR, SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0217,432.800.3720,000.00
27-DEC-2011XXXXXXXX,SUNGAI BAGAN NAKHODA OMAR (BNO), SYIT 4BDry PaddyFreehold0217,432.800.7480,000.00

Data reference : Last 10 Years

Credit Summary

Your current credit : RM

Report Type : 10 Transacted Report
Amount to be deducted : RM 2

Credit Summary

Your current credit : RM

Report Type : All Transacted Report
Amount to be deducted : RM 4

Dry Paddy Nearby Syit 4b


Property NameMedian Price(RM)
SYIT 5C200,000
SYIT 4B155,000
SYIT 4A264,000
SYIT 43C400,000
SYIT 43B500,000
SYIT 43A300,000
SYIT 34C228,000
SYIT 34A180,000
SYIT 33D220,000
SYIT 33B200,000
SYIT 2D100,000
SYIT 24D200,000
SYIT 24C219,167
SYIT 24B180,000
SYIT 24A200,000
SYIT 15D160,000
SYIT 15C210,857
SYIT 15B180,000
SYIT 15A200,000
SYIT 14D215,000
SYIT 14A60,000

Data reference : Last 5 Years

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