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Property Summary
Property TypeTotal Transaction
Agriculture - Banana2
Agriculture - Durian2
Agriculture - Coconut1
Agriculture - Kampung1
Agriculture - Orchard2
Agriculture - Barren Land51
Agriculture - Mix Farming18
Agriculture - Oil Palm Estate8
Agriculture - Mixed Cash Crops1
Agriculture - Rubber19

Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

No transaction found within 5 years and/or insufficient corroboration to generate low, median & high price.

Property Transaction History Records

Transaction Data

9 Transaction(s) from 23 MAR 2009 to 05 MAR 2018

Transaction DateAddressProperty TypeTenureFloorsLand Area (sqft)Price PsfTransaction Price (RM)
05-MAR-2018XXXXX, OFF JALAN AIR MAWANG-JOHOL, 78 AOil Palm EstateLeasehold087,188.400.4640,000.00
18-DEC-2017XXXXXXXXX,JALAN SEREMBAN/TAMPIN, 78 A, 73100Oil Palm EstateFreehold0336,913.200.3920,000.00
04-JUL-2016XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,OFF KM 22 JALAN KP/A MAWANG, 78 A, 73100Oil Palm EstateFreehold0116,251.200.4755,000.00
23-JAN-2013XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,OFF JALAN KUALA PILAH/TAMPIN, 78 AOil Palm EstateFreehold0186,217.200.4380,000.00
02-MAR-2011XXXX,JALAN AIR MAWANG - SI KOTA, 78 AOil Palm EstateFreehold019,819,753.201.1322,488,840.00
24-MAY-2010XXXXX,, 78 AOil Palm EstateFreehold0130,244.400.92119,765.25
29-DEC-2009XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,0FF TAMPIN/KUALA PILAH, 78 A, 73100Oil Palm EstateFreehold0587,714.400.81478,584.00
24-MAR-2009XXXXXXXXXXX,OFF JALAN KP/TAMPIN, 78 A, 73100Oil Palm EstateFreehold0130,244.401.12146,000.00
23-MAR-2009XXXX,JALAN AIR MAWANG - SI KOTA, 78 AOil Palm EstateFreehold019,819,753.200.8015,901,200.00

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