Malaysians can now check their credit report online via Bank Negara’s eCCRIS platform

Bank Negara Malaysia eCCRIS
Image from Bank Negara’s website.

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Bank Negara recently announced that Malaysians can now register and check their eCCRIS report online without physical registration for new users at a Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) or Agensi  Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) office. 

For other individuals and entities, current arrangements still apply which include physical registration at AKPK and BNM premises or online via BNMTELELINK.  

The eCCRIS platform has existed since 2018 and is a free and secure online platform for the public to access their own CCRIS report at anytime, from anywhere.  

However, as of 18 February 2022, Malaysian citizens are able to register virtually on the eCCRIS website using only an internet banking facility and MyKad without the need for physical registration. 

While the platform is free, a fee of RM 1 will be charged to your selected bank account as a means of verifying your identity, and will be refunded within two days. 

What is CCRIS? 

CCRIS is an abbreviation for Central Credit Reference Information System, it is a central database operated by Bank Negara Malaysia to facilitate credit risks management among banks.  

The CCRIS report shows the loan and repayment history of a borrower derived from participating financial institutions over the past 12 months.  

CCRIS is able to show all outstanding loans and credit(s) obtained by a borrower, flagged loans that are outstanding and require special monitoring (Special Attention Accounts) as well as any pending applications for credit. 

Contrary to popular belief, CCRIS only provides a factually neutral report so does not provide an assessment of a borrower’s credit health nor state if individuals are blacklisted. 

Banks and other financial institutions refer to an individual or company’s CCRIS history to assess the borrower’s risks and loan eligibility. 

What does CCRIS have to with purchasing a property? 

For homebuyers and investors looking to secure a loan for their property, CCRIS is among the financial background checks lenders perform before approving a housing loan.  

Other avenues for checks also include privately managed credit rating agencies such as CTOS, Credit Bureau Malaysia and Experian. 

These credit rating agencies may derive data from CCRIS but also provide a credit rating or assessment at minimal fee which CCRIS does not do. 

Do note that approval and eligibility amount for a loan is also dependent on other factors besides credit history such as an individual’s Debt Service Ratio (DSR) and other assessment criteria by a particular bank. 

A rejection for loan approval by one bank does not necessarily mean automatic rejection by another as eligibility may also depend on a specific bank’s risk appetite.  

However, platforms like CCRIS allow us to examine our credit history, identify the causes behind our loan rejection or work towards improving our credit health. 

How to create account on e-CCRIS? 

STEP 1: Visit and click ‘Register Now’ 

STEP 2: Key in your personal information such as full name, MyKad number, date of birth, mobile number, and email, before confirming your details and agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

STEP 3: For the digital authentication, complete registration with a one-off RM 1 transfer to a designated Bank Negara Malaysia account that will be automatically refunded within 2 working days. 

STEP 4: For successful authentication, a 6-digit OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and email. The system will provide you with further instructions to complete your registration if your authentication was unsuccessful. 

STEP 5: Click ‘Proceed to First Time Login’ at the prompted screen or go to and click ‘First Time Login’ 

STEP 6: Key in your MyKad number and the 6-digit OTP 

STEP 7: Set your user ID and password 

STEP 8: Choose your personal security image, phrase, questions and set answers 

STEP 9: Login to eCCRIS website using your created User ID to access your CCRIS report 

For more information on CCRIS, visit Bank Negara’s website

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